Book Presentation • Trii Art Hub • Athens, Greece

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Asylum Service cordially invite to the book presentation of

 The Itinerary - Tracing the Refugee Routes

 Wednesday 07.06.2017 at 18:30

Trii Art Hub

Drakou 9, Koukaki

 Eleven photojournalists have combined their unique perspectives in a collective exhibition and a book of their work. They record the trek of refugees from their point of origin – the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa– to their final destinations in Europe through various stopover sites –the Aegean Islands, Athens, Idomeni, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, and Hungary: the so-called "Balkan Route". Some of the photographs were also shot in the starting points of the refugees' trek, countries and regions such as Iraq, Syria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The photographs capture the struggles but also the everyday small joys and humdrum details of refugees’ lives during their journey: sharing bread in abandoned factories, the piles of life-jackets, the wedding stores in the camps, the restless nights by the boat, the suffocating tents and treacherous waters. The end of this journey is not yet in sight. With their collective work, these eleven eyewitnesses aim at making everyone aware of one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time.

The photojournalists whose work features in the exhibition and the book are:

Milos Bicanski, Andrea Bonetti, Dimitrios Bouras, Louisa Gouliamaki, Yannis Kolesidis, Yannis Liakos, Menelaos Myrillas, Nikos Paleologos, Anna Pantelia, Fotis Plegas, Orestis Seferoglou.

 The book will be available during the event. Proceeds from the sale will support NGO METAdasi in providing assistance to unaccompanied refugee children in Greece.

 The presentation will be held in English.


  • Trii Art Hub
  • Wednesday 07.06.2017
  • 18:30
Drakou 9, Koukaki, Athens