This book represents the voice and emotions of eleven silent witnesses of one of the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time, so that nobody will be able to say, “But I didn’t know what was happening”.

With deepest gratitude to Maria Stavropoulou and Eleni Petraki, from the Greek Asylum Service (Athens, Greece), for organizing the exhibition and forming this team. Without them, the exhibition and this book would have never be realized. 

This project would not exist without the extraordinary support of an incredibly devoted team:

Stella Perpera (Athens, Greece) created the design and layout. She brought our vision into a book that you can touch, explore, and feel deeply. 

Maria Georgaki (London, UK) copyedited the book putting in hundreds of hours of work. She kept us focused and stayed on top of critical details. 

Angela Patera (Athens, Greece) and Julia Henderson (New York, USA) for proofreading  and correcting typos.

Nikos Alexiades, TOXOS (Athens, Greece), offered his unprecedented technical expertise.  

A more professional team is hard to imagine.

Deep appreciation to Derek Hudson, Patrick Strickland and Maria Stavropoulou who wrote the foreword to this book.

Andrea Bonetti would like to express his thankfulness to Marios Lolos (Athens, Greece) for sharing time and knowledge on location.  Dina Paneti (Paris, France) for her enthusiastic support and organizational spirit in the continuation of the exhibition in Europe.

Dimitrios Bouras would like to express his gratitude to Salih Arif, Shamal Sabri, Shahyan Tahseen, Bina Qeredaxi and Vasilis Konstantinou who opened his eyes to a Middle East he did not know; their contributions have been invaluable.

Milos Bicanski, Andrea Bonetti, Dimitrios Bouras, Louisa Gouliamaki, Yannis Kolesidis, Yannis Liakos, Menelaos Myrillas, Nikos Paleologos, Anna Pantelia, Fotis Plegas, Orestis Seferoglou.

Refugees cross the railway lines at dusk, in order to reach the Hungarian borderline, in Horgos, Serbia, on September 8, 2015. © Nick Paleologos / SOOC